Dinner with Greg @ KLCC

yesterday i and jess went to KLCC for a dinner with greg, and guess what?

IT'S JESS 1st time to sit the LRT...

So, we park the car and ciao to KLCC, suprisely that there are many people in the train.

We meet greg and we ate BURGER KING

wheeeeeee, it's been months i had BURGER KING..

and i ate french chicken, the thing is it's expensieve and filling.

But, greg was SMART, he bought wooper and get wooper jr for FREE.. =_________=

There was a group of indians having gathering sitting next to us and we were wondering if we are as noisy as they are when we have our gathering.. (hmmm)

After that, The trio went to THE BODY SHOP..... oh well, jess was distracted by CHERRY

The promoter looks mexican .. hmmm

Here is Jess smelling her own hand while trying the cherry lotion.

She bought the CHERRY LIP BALM which cost rm26

I'm confuse who is the promoter now... O_O

Me and Greg

We were looking at jess like this (O_O) and she keeps on looking and testing....

I and greg did not have much to do, so.. he drag me to take picture with him instead...

*lets ignore that soh poh*

Few Mins have past, when we realise that we spend almost 20mins at BODY SHOP.. we pull jess and head to....


hahahaha,,,... ok.. we pull jess to take a group picture ^_^

So here it is, the TRIO...

ME, jess and Greg

Are we qualified for the 3R contest??


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