Sorethroat that ruin my day

On the 8th of may , i went to this LG Blog Launch event. Anyway , it turn out how i expected it should be. It wasn't that fun until i ask my friend to grab some people to dance. Oh well, it's just a bar.I was drop dead tired after having fun myself..until the next day , my body was in pain (old already)... too bad, i didn't get to be one of the best dress to take home a LG TV or Handphone. I was keep telling myself "NOT FAIR".. haha.. And i was suprise that Tzia almost got the same dress as i was wearing that night. I felt abit unsatisfied cause of my sorethroat... GRRR, how anoying it is that my throat pain when i swallow.. T_T.. and i cant eat all the nice food there,,,,... sigh...I'll blog about it after i edit all the pictures. =)

Sunday was mothers day and most people will eat in some fine dine restorant and some people will just cook themself. TOO BAD, i have sorethroat til my mom also find it hard to choose where to eat . =_= So, my mom choose "BLISS 33" which located at usj2 (No victoria station for us coz of me). It's a very nice cafe that have everything at a cheap price and NICEEEE. So, i ate spaghetti . My sis and bro ate grilled chicken chop, my mom ate fish n chips and my dad ate Vegtarian . My bro gave my mom a card and a rose.. (haha, i think my bro too over already). I used to do that but later on... i didn't do anything.. ok ok. i did something. I went to giant to help my mom.. Good ? No Good? .. >_<.. i know i took almost half an hour just to buy brush, sponge and glade.

Mother's Day Graphics

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