This is the day when Ashlee Simpson Bring iT On @ Music Bash by Maxis Broadband

While all the celebrities went to party at the most ah-mazing place on earth..

Redtard and MR.Bee was very sad and they have their own party too.

Watch them ROCK the room =P

Ashlee Simpson decided to go together with the punk rockers ^^ hands down

Amy Lee and Billie Joe from Greenday xD

We were busy dressing up and joe was busy putting his eyeliner.

This is Ashlee and Amy camwhoring before steping into the Rocker Style LIMO

Ashlee was looking fiece and Amy Lee looks hawt and Gothic as usual.

After that, we head to K-ALLE (ok, it's the malaysian version of hollywood)

and went to the hottest club that is MAISON.

Lot's of Paparazi that day and lots of celebs flaunting their outfit.

from the red carpet she meet celebs such as John lennon, katy perry, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, tian and sheena

John lennon and Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson , Katy Perry and Amy Lee

Ashlee Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and Amy Lee

Ashlee Simpson and Sheena the pop

Ashlee Simpson and Tian

And in the club she meets

Micheal jackson?

Katy Perry



Zues as ____??

Ashlee Simpson best friend Avril

Group pix

Um, Greg

joe jonas

theres many activity going on in the HOUSE

such as 'who can put up the longest ..AAAAAaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaa

oh ya, Britney spears was there too .. (no pic)

winners gets a COOL SUNNY..

and who can bring down the dancefloor...



Yeap , thats ME

WOOT??!! Since when Ashlee Simpson can dance?

I think she watch too many Dance show's -_-

She gets to bring home a


Later, there's a Last dance for the party , so Ashlee simpson went to join katy perry and the rest of the celebs for a dance

new faces in the pictures are saloma, jonas brothers and Greenday

the party was such a blast...

they really dress up. O_O

Do ya know that the party given goodie bags too??

(will link all the blog here)

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