Pirates Of the Caribbean, Yoda and Matrixs @ PC Fair

Went to Pc fair yesterday with chris, jess..and (whats his name d >_<)

It's my 1st time to the pc fair and there are : #many leng lui #many pc stuff #TOO CROWDED #can get regreted easily.. haih haih

Jess was trying to find some BIG headset for her, so that she wont kacau me with her BOOM BOOM BAMM..

and later we bumped into EGGY mouse

at the far corner near the exit, we got ATTRACTED TO some people cosplaying at the CHIPSTER booth.

LOL, i dont know what happen to us until we actually buy 2 packs of chipster and want to try cosplaying too. -_-

ELIzabeth SwanN from Pirates of the caribbean Meets YODA from Star Wars and Neo from Matrix

This is what i bought? except the Lolipop, its FREE.. WHEE....~~~

and after that me, jess and chris went to ss2 to have our dinner

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