Sushi Bonanza @ Sushi King MidValley

yesterday went to Midvalley for sushi bonanza, maybe this could explain why im broke nowdays.

We as in Me, Jess and Sharlyn try to go there as early as we can. But this sleepy Piggy always cant wakeup (points self). So, i ran to sushi king and reach at 12pm. From 11:30 to 12pm. O_O.

Luckily the house wasn't full yet , so, we happily went in and grab any sushi we want!

RM2 per plate for sushi and for members only.

I was AMAZE that Jess can eat up to 10+ plates of sushi. @_@

I only can eat up to 5 plates cause i want to save money, eventhough it's RM2 per plate but i think jusco is cheaper.

Jess as a photographer herself, it's a normal thing to look at her taking pics of every single bits using her DSLR.

Our group Pics ^^

Jess was busy taking pic of my inari..

Aww, poor inari...

This is Sharlyn and Me

She became like this after she ate ALOT of sushi, DO YOU KNOW HER? I don't think so.. LOL


After That

They left Me T_T and i decided to go shopping ALONE


I Finally Bought my ' BOHEMIAN DRESS'

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