HENNESSY ARTISTRY @ the Loft [part 1]

Yeah! It's the art of Mixing when caprice is in the house. ^_^

Anyway, i enjoyed the drink, dance, concert... people.. YEAH! ITS WILD

yeah, im going as a barbie girl xD

I like the "f'" lighting

This is MY FAV FLAVOUR ^_^

Everybody is supporting the FREE HUG campaign .. include STARZ ANGELS

Nigel, suresh, Me, Jess, Clarisse and Ren

i really love this picture, can you see jess is touching his leg?! xD

Even CELEBS enjoyed Hennessy ^_^

ME and Sharlyn with Starz Angels

super hawt female DJ

ME and Sharlyn again

Hitomi, Me , Jess and zues

This dude can really beat! (video coming out in next part)

Aint she HAWT? she can beat me in dancing.

Isn't he cute? im so sorry i couldnt catch his face xD

this is so mystery

can you believe everybody was GAGA to take picture with him?

Yeah, we are bloggers ^^ proud to be a blogger

cicak with flyguy, aren't they cute? LOL
gay must be the new trend now, @@
oh btw, the middle white shirt guy is CoJack

and Finally
~part 2 coming outz (the insider)~

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