Krispy Kreme Grand opening and KTV in a day [woots]

Jess and Me enjoying KK donuts during the Grand Opening
psst: we dont have to wait in the long Q (how cool was that)

BEHOLD ONE and Only donut that melt in your mouth and it tatse like heaven.. Krispy Kreme!!!!! Krispy Kreme donuts originate from the US. They are famous for its original glazy donuts.^^ *psst, i heard that you can also customize your own flavour, i wonder true or not*...

it definately tatse better than , apple and Dunkin Donuts

I do respect KK donuts xD

i wanna tatse the sugarrrrrrr

this is me .. yeah.. i look so plain.

um,.. what is her name already .. ..

she sang the Krispy Kreme song

this girl sang barney "i love you, you love me" into a Krispy Kreme version.

LOOK!!! its a donut!!!

Krispy Kreme Fans , they actually camp there since saturday.. oh gawd...

Krispy Kreme President

The flavours

The CRAZY LOng Q since morning.. yawnzzz

the groupie

who say KK is only for humans?

Redtard *heart* Krispy Kreme

ps:Krispy Kreme will be opening at Midvalley soon


After the Krispy Kreme event. I and Victoria went shopping and sing K at greenbox.

Greenbox is so much cheaper compare to the one in ss2.



nata de coco with mango juice

i didnt even know this picture was taken =.=

Victoria and Me

ps: i want to go to Greenbox again =D

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