was M.I.A because of this

YAY!!!! i finally done with this mad project.. sigh..
The hardest part is the flash that keeps me awake trying to solve some bugs.
the above picture is me holding my Demo version of my interactive boutique catalogue.
Yeah, i have to do from head to toe.. Very stress.
Basically i get the idea for my packaging from shopping bags =x

Front Cover

My CD is very PINK.. @.@
Pink and black is my fav combination.

Overall View

This is the report for the project...

the picture is not very clear, the cover is very nice because i specially make some parts shining =)

IT COST RM21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for printing alone!!!!!!!
SO EXPENSIEVE RIGHT???? Im broke because of this... GRRR

Hmm, i dont think i want to show my website design here (muahahaha, copyright)

So, catch my singing vid on the next post for some bash coming soon =P (im not a good singer, so don't expect much)

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