Meeting Yingzi from Singapore at KLCC with friends

It was a very last min outing of mine of meeting Ying Zi. I know, my time is very precious. At 1st , we all cant make it to see her, then i feel very pity for her. =x So, jack and I also wondering how to solve this problem. 1st they wanted to meet at pavilion but later we changed to KLCC because easy to go *using LRT only*.

Who is Ying zi???

This is her..haha.. =P

She is a very sweet and cute girl

We (Jack, Me, Vic, Angel, and Yingzi ) all gather at the food court to eat McD.

Note: Jack is the only guy that day....

I and Vic ate Mc chicken. Jack missed his McValue Meal, awww. Just because he have to be a tour guide for a day to fetch Ying Zi.

Ying Zi had a very special case. I took out my handphone and i snap a picture of her burger and said " this is for your special remembrance" lol.

Yeap, very special indeed, her burger is specially made without lettuce..hahahahahha xD

Ying Zi "Not everybody eats Veggie *smile* " ..arggh , she is so cute.

After chit chat , we decided to go shopping

*fave topic of the day: Ah Lians and Ah Bengs

note: i chatted alot with Vic... ok, im very talkative today =x and guess what? CICAK FFK ALL OF US!! wat the.. *STEP ON HIS TAIL*..&*(&()*(&%^^$^

I went to Miss whatever to buy a Bling Bling *wink*

and after that we go to teddy tales and later to Isetan.

but before that...


after taking picture *i look so horrible @_@*

while walking i bumped into the infamous Crabtree & Evelyn shop and i was pointing like nobody looking.. LOL. Like what Vic said.. 10 feet away and im still pointing. LOL.. Very Lame moment

Guess which floor are we at?

Maybe this picture can explain all. =P

Yup, we girls attracted to barbie dolls. Ok, im a fans of barbie. i use to collect them to use as my model. =x

While looking at the dolls, Vic suddenly want to take picture xD

The actual reasons we went to isetan is because I want to shop for new presentation clothes and shop for some necklace for Ying Zi.

Ok, the dress im looking for looks like this

Sadly we don't have much time left and needed to go back home.


haha, damn my appetite is damn good wei..

I bought Pretzels to bring back home to eat .. yummy

Group Personalities of the day:

Me: Very talkative next to vic and Eat alot.. @@
Jack: He enjoyed the outting eventhought it's all girls.
Ying Zi : Very Cute and sweet girl and also interesting *like the burger*.
Angel: 1 word "SWT".. girl, you are pretty, no matter what size.
Victoria: Very friendly, finger itchy *she keeps poining * , cute, ...

I cant wear high heels next to jack. -_-

what the fish moment:

-When i go back, i insert my LRT card and.. the stupid machine eat my ticket and don't want to give it back to me T_T.. after that , it spit out my ticket. Then i insert 2nd time, but it spit out again.

- Everybody wondering if my eyelash is fake.. T_______________T , if people tell you is your boobs fake? how do you feel? huhuhu... (can don't tell me if it's fake??? can ?? I never wear fake before , i also dont know how to apply)

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