Shopping for flyers @ Edu fair

It was last saturday when my dad pick me up to Midvalley for shopping ...

Reasons we go there:

- Sister wants to start planning what to study after spm. (she is only form 4)

- Me? Im going to graduate soon, and i want to further my studies.

- To shop for a PET hamster >>> my sis

- To shop for a fake PET dog >>> my bro

The 1st booth i saw was Dr.Job.. and i bought this magazines. It's very useful for people like me who doesn't know where to study =.=

I bought Art and Design and my sis bought Tourism and Hotel

this is a prove that we don't have the same interest.

Guess which booth i bumped after Dr.Job? I bumped into my college!

*claps" they chose the best location ever plus they improve many things already.

I went to greet some of my lecturer. Fashion lecturer was there too.

The reasons PJCAD booth is becoming much more attractive it's because of the students work for fashion design and the college had design some post cards which have every single info about the course and fees too. (i really like that, my mom also love it.. that person who comes out with this idea is very smart, haha)

It was tiring to booth hop because it was so crowded and they keep giving out flyers like nobody bussiness.

There is 1 time i went to LKW (Lim Kok Wing) and this lovely friendly white girl come to me and i asked her for the fees listing. She was so friendly and we chated for awhile.

After that, i also went to TOA (The one academy). I don't feel pleased visiting their booth. One of the reason is because my college have issues with theirs. So, i did asked about the degree program. It was fine at 1st when she brief about it, for a sec later... i see tiger eyes from her. >_<>

Ehem, extra extra.. i bumped into many handsome dudes at Taylors college.. *wink wink*

sigh, after visiting to all the booth, i just realize that MAJORITY OFFER DEGREE OVERSEAS for design. Sad case.

I only have few options now. =(

After that , i went to bakery to buy a pizza bun ^^.. it does makes me feel better.

We also went to pet wonderland to shop for hamster. Comparing wonderland and another petshop which i don't know the name located at ikano. I prefer that pet shop in ikano because of it's variety. I still remember me and my friend went alone to see many cicaks (lizards)@@ and it was creepy.. and that siberian husky very cute at the dog section.

Ok, i got to stop here before i crap more. @@...

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