I hadn't been catching up with MDG 2 but i manage to watch it last min =X

So, what's up with the 2nd week?

They chop down many girls hair!!!!! Like? what the???

MDG!!! I TELL YOU, if this continue , i wont JOIN. seriously!

No1. Because i know if i join, my hair surely will chop down..
No2. why must cut until so short? cant just change different hairstyle? curly perhaps?

well, guess maybe they cut it short cause can put on different Wigs and hair extention. HMMmmm

ps: really looks like short hair girls beauty contest

TAKE 1, TAKE 2, TAKE 3 and CUT!!!

There is this one part where they show the girls recording for their profiles Video.


They really EPIC PHAIL.. LOL... It makes me laugh til i drop.. haha (omg im seriously bad)

Um, i dont know why she can sing very nicely infront of the judges but she fail many times infront of the camera , hmmmm

Woahhhh, @@ this girl is too hyperactive, but she is funny... haha

Poor her, her violin always stuck at the decorations...
ok, enough of funny moments, lets prepare lots of tissue box and CRY.. yeah CRY CRY baby..... HUHU T_T

i felt so sad for her, because she just reach the top 12 and her parents wants her home. Because of her health issues T_T... I really cried when watching this conversation..

i have no comment on her. -_-
Mommy girl, (i think)

I also have no comment on her, tiba-tiba (suddenly) cry...


All set?
I would say the outfit looks ok -lah..

In this part, Rajvin have to go back home because of her back pain.
OMG, she so thin until they use paper clip to clip the back of the belt.. >_< There is this one part were TWO GIRLS BROUGHT THEIR CELLPHONES...

this is the 1st time that the contestants actually very brave to bring their handphones,,
create drama ka???
The girls also went to andrew models to do catwalk..
But looks like someone cant do it =X
I think this girl can try harder =)
hint: for catwalk, just go with the flow, don't be TOO OVER and dont be too straight. It needs alot of practise.Be yourself =)

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