Kamehameha with bloggers + Mini Gathering @1U

I sure did went KAMEHAMEHAAaaaAAA . It was suppose to be a surprise anyway. Only the close ones know im going there =P planning a gathering wasn't easy too.. especially who to invite and where to eat. Since all of us are 'saving cost' , we choose A&W. On a very busy tuesday, before going to 1U , i went out to do my treading and bought some nail polish at sinma and had McD for lunch. Guess what? I even get a RM5 voucher from sinma. =) After that, i went back home and get ready.. the funny part is i dont know why the top i just bought looks great if it's close up but look weird when it's far.

Was planning to leave at 6pm but the sky turn dark and looks like its about to pee =X I went to 1U as early as possible to avoid traffic. When i reach, i texted my group member. Im kinda impatient person.. so i went shopping. Went into Topshop and Forever21 and some other boutique.. trying to find a floral looking sundress -.-''' .. Sadly i cant find it. But i found a nice casual dress in forever21 which is casual classy. Looks almost the same like the dress Agnes trying to sell and it's rm 120 if im not mistaken. After few mins, i decided to wait for my friend Jackie (Jloi) infront of FCUK.. we meet up and later bern playing peek-a-boo there -_-' . Lucky jackie that i didn't wear very high heels..

After that, we went to find A&W. Something very zha dou happen... i went into waffle without knowing that one is not A&W.. paiseh moment. A&W is just next to it. =X After that we finally meet up with the rest of the gang.

I ordered coney-dog and you know what!!!! WTHHH , the hotdog bun is not soft. So, i went to complain. They said they will give to me after they heated up again. Then , i waited until my fellow friends finish their waffles. Luckily Isaac help me to get my hotdog back. (ok, this sounds wrong).. haha, we've been thinking too dirty already...

After our 'makan' session and 'talk crap' session.. we finally camwhore (taking pictures for mom info)...

from left : bernard aka green tea bern , ME , WenPink aka Pinky
From right : Jack aka Jloi , Spectre aka C4 and Isaac aka Cicak

Group Personalities:
Bernard = Very talkative person and smile alot.
Me= Very talkative on cbox and very shy in person
Wenpink= Very bubbly person
Jackie= I have no comment on him either, know him for about dont know how many years.
Spectre= Ok Ok -lah.. C4 C4 C4
Isaac = He is very silent that day @_@ cause he is ill...

to group member : dont kill me *cute eyes*

So, we went up to claim our FREE PASSES to dragonball and also camwhore with bloggers that I know. This is my 2nd time movie premier with Nuffnang. Usually i wont go ... and i go for a reason =X It's a very nice feeling where my readers come to me and ask me to take picture with them =)

My Day with the bloggers pictures

ps: i know my outfit looks weird, i think it's the latest fashion inspire by harry potter (cape), i remember i saw in some magazines -_-

ME , WenPink, Isaac

ME and Isaac

ME and Jack

Me and Greg

Jack and Wenpink

ME and KY

Sue and ME

Movie Review:

I rate dragonball 5/10. The anime is better than the movie itself. the movie is too short and it ends too fast. Not happy with the ending thou. But its a nice movie to look forward to if you are NOT a dragonball fans. Haha, and Chi Chi is very pretty reminds me of someone.

thanks Nuffnang

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