Gong Xi Pang Sai everyone!! haha

This happens on the 2nd day of CNY, well, my aunt she came all the way from singapore to visit us on CNY. Then, something very funny about my family is that, there are two of my aunts which is my dads sister.They always have some creativeness in their mind trying to be as unique as possible. This aunt from singapore, last year she have a game like "lucky draw". She will spread the ang pao's like fan then she ask you to pick one. The trick is some have money and some have tissue. Unfortunately, my bro last year resieve tissue paper xD.. Ok, So what's the trick for this year????

Deng Deng Deng

She ask us to wish something special... -_-'

I was about to say Gong Xi Fa Chaii.. But i terslip and said "Gong Xi Pang Chai"

Then everybody was laughing and my auntie say u want ah ma to pangsai more is it???

BTW, Pang Sai is means shitting

Then we continue laugh.. few mins later i was thinking what kind of special word??

Then i just said *Wo shi yau hen duo qian*... xD

then she finally gave me the angpao.. -_-

just imagine how hard to just get 1 ang pao..

I feel so sorry for Ah Ma la.. She went pang sai many times after that =X

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