CNY Is all about FOOD, Batu Pahat famous Char Kuey

I think most of you should ask "Where is the food" on my CNY summery post.haha
For those who havent read my summery here is the link Click Here

When I arrive at Batu Pahat , my grandma straight away ask me if i want pao.. char siew pao..
Then i was like @.@!

So, starting from that hour... I eat eat eat none stop..

but hey, i cant get fat, come envy me...lalala

So this is all the CNY junk food...see!! My brother hand there -_-


Im not kidding, we eat it for supper and breakfast.. It's our all time favourite.
people will come and line up looong loooooong to buy this kuih, seriously..if you come BP.. try it. haha

This is Suan Ji something.. er, my uncle says that the more you eat it, your mathematics will improve.-_-" really or not wor?

This is my grandma Yam Cake..

Everytime i went back to my grandma house, sure will eat this one, it's like nugget.

I ate this in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, Well, the pork is ok but the rice is fried rice.

On the way back from Batu Pahat, i ate this mini ice cream in a box. Its like chocolates but ice cream inside.


My god mother invite us for dinner at her place.Then We had Lao Sang... xD
One thing is she cook alot.. until i have to eat like pig.. O.O

My god mother son made this himself. He is only 15 and he can cook so well. But one thing is that it is italian food. -.- It tatse great with the spices he put.

So here is the end of my CNY food post =P Drooling already????

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