My visit to the dentist

Morning i woke up

9am- dad fetch me to clinic..
10am- went there and saw my sis..

I carrying a bag *laptop*

sis says "woah, u just come back from amazing race?"

me " yala"

while waiting... wat is my feeling?


i didn't visit the dentist since my last tooth pull out..

I went there is because to clean my teeth...

i wait , wait and wait.. and went to toilet almost 100 times. @@!

nervous breakdown ...@@!!

the nurse call my name and I lay down on the chair.. (the auto chair makes me laugh)

She then check my teeth then when she cleaning... I feel like wanna puke when i tatse my blood


i act so kua zhang and puke in the sink there -_-..(no comment)

everybody expression was like O.O!!

i think i scared them

i feel like wanna run away half done ...Omg OMG ...

she then tell me, if i feel wanna puke, then i can raise my hand

but later... the whole process is ok.

the moral is : You must take care of your teeth and brush it often.. so goes to frosting

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