Italiannies @ The Curve

Right after my visit to the dentist, me and my family went to curve to celebrate my mom b'day.
We went there to check out the x-mas decorations too.
So for dinner we went to "-_- i think the title say it all already". italiannies..

HAHA, so many pictures cause i use my sis camera phone. =P (aiyo, when can i have 1?)


at 1st they give us some bread

(rating: 8/10)

the pizza is very soft. Too soft and thin. Not nice. But 1 thing, it is rich in cheese.

(rating: 4/10)

this is the promotion for 4 pasta for rm30+ like that.

starting from left, the cabonara is so YUCK! , the spagetti the right is nice, the lagsania(dun know how to spell) is alright and the angel hair is so horrible..

2 is nice and 2 not nice. -_-

This Salad is quite ok. (rating : 5/10)

Ooooh, i love this smoothies. It have real strawberry inside.

me and the teddy -__- ( i look like my mom here ,omg )

So far, Italiannies is not so my liking compare to other italian restorant.

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