Mines Wonderland or Horrorland?

The day after the dentist trip and curve, i and my family spend vacation to mines wonderland.
My dad lost his way about 3 times xD Then when we reach...

I expect to see the tiger, then ride on those rides ( maybe im too old for that) .. then go to the snow house.

But then, when my dad buy the ticket. they say SNOW HOUSE CLOSED.-_- so i though still have those exciting stuff.

When we enter the entrance, there is a big fountain.

I like the fountain..

Then when we walk in, its like Haunted place cause not many people in there.. And we keep seeing the same people @@

we walk and saw the tiger outside..

So, next to the tiger have a mini zoo or i can say mini pet shop?

because they have rabbits, chicken, birds, ... all the small animals.. but they also gt goat ..

so dissapointed.

Next to it have a mini river ride... its ok but in the middle of the river, there is a hindu temple. @@ scary.. and then.. if you see the tiger picture closely... there is a building, that they stop building and have 4 tree on top there. >_< align="center">

then the sky starts to get dark..

And the most scary part is they keep playing this " Little wonderland" song.

PS: i havent tell you the most most most scary part yet.

so we went to take picture of the dragons..

after the dragon, we went to ride on the vintage car (the vintage car is so vintage at night)
so scary... me and my sis sit on 1 car.. then ifront of us and behind no people...
the car make such a weird sound... until we both dun dare to touch the wheel..@@

after that we went to see the musical fountain

And that is the only thing nice in mines wonderland -_-

i like this blue one

haiyoo, spend rm160 for 5 people .

Its not worth it .. Sunway Lagoon is better

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