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I need all of you to do me a favour. *wide grin* I had prepared a survey and i need all of you to fill it. Just use few sec of your time and woala you are done. the objective of this survey is for my assignment. And i want to survey the online users. =) what im doing for this assignment? *its a secret*. after you done the survey maybe you know what it is but **its something related to fashion **

1) Do you prefer to buy clothers online or in the shop?

2) Explain why

3) Which age category are you?
a. 13-18
b. 18-30
c. 30-40
d. 40-50

and are you a boy / girl _______

4) Are you a person who shops online?

5) If yes, does all the clothers fits you?Do you feel satisfy?

6) which type of online butik do you feel comfortable and satisfy to purchase the item there?
a. Show the item only
b. The model wearing the item

7) Will you feel happy and satisfy if there is a style guide on how to wear the item in different ways so that you wont watse another piece of clothing/money?

8) if i were to create a catalog, which you prefer?
a. blogs
b. online
c. a catalog which you can just dowload online and view it offline. (but you can purchase the item from the catalog it self when you are online)

please write it at my comment box, thanks

thanks for your time ^^
im actually going to do an interactive online butik catalog =)

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