Gwen's Stefani latest cute harajuku perfume

Ever since she was in NO DOUBT band and now that she is solo... im so loving her music.
Gwen Stefani have STYLE babeh! Her music and fashion is superb! She is unique .. =P

Chrismas is coming and guess what? She has create a new line for perfume and its call "Harajuku Lovers" ... ey, her perfume design is not ordinary! It's unique... thats right, its hot right now, and i wish i could get 1.. omgeeee....(i know you are wondering why im so over it and still not showing the picture of it)

ok let me present you *drumrolls*

Harajuku Loves


5 unique design with 5 unique scents

Love- romantic & Sweet
Lil angel- fruity - floral

music- vanilla and sweet
baby- powdery mask
G (Gwen)- coconut yummy

each bottle is 30ml

(argghhh, i want 1!! putting in my wishlish)

I think she is smart because she is good in marketing. why i say so? Cause she design such perfume that make people want to collect them all @__@...*claps* to Gwen...

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