Blogging n Plurking is the new friendster

Gosh~! I love blogging and plurking more than facebook and friendster or myspace? -___-

why i say so?

* Because people can know more about me trough blogging =D
* they can see more pictures of me with words and description + story ,
not just act cute faces -__-
* can get real friends than just getting people that "touch and go"

plurk(a widget)
* Something unique about it is that its like your own online diary, u list down what you do according to the people can know what you do the whole day.. as in your everyday life.
*can keep in touch with your friends ...


a blog can actually act like friendster. =D and better than friendster!
  • you need a blog
  • you need a nice layout
  • you need a photo album -_- picasa maybe?
  • you need a widget that can add buddy.. i think blogspot have a fan widget
  • you have a friends list =P
  • you need a comment box ( it's a replacement for testimonial)

Blog is a MUST HAVE now for everybody ^^

Wat teh?!!

(click to view larger)

ps: GRRR, im so pissed with my friendster now!!! you know what happen?

i have 440+ friends and turn out to be 45.. O.o

AND... today i check my friendster and my home page is "PLAIN"!!!

only can see my pic and few links..-_________- frustrated

updated at 10:22pm : MY FS IS not naked!! finally!

if you look at my printscreen, i print it a few min ago -_-

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