Quack Quack ! Month


You just reseive an incoming message....


Dear Readers,
This is King Quacky from Quack Quack Island. 2 ducks is missing from Quack Quack Island and if you could find them anywhere, i will reward you with special prize. =D These ducks are not the same, they have different identidy, so that you can track them easily. one of them is liek to call call call and that duck name is F&F(Friends & Family) and another one is like to SMS until no more credit .These ducks are serial criminals, they stole 10 Sony W880i, 10 Ipod nano, 10 PSP and 10 I pod touch..If you can just pleaaseee find them, i may reward you with these. The only problem is after you found them, you need to guess how many ducks are living in the palace. >.< ## Note that this is only for DIGI user

(I made up the story but its 100% true)

ehem, if you wanna know how does the ducks look like? here is the picture

How to join?
1sttttt go to
#1- Be a DIGI user
#2- Get clue to the answer for finding the ducks
#3- Get the code
#4- Count the ducks
#5- Woala, u done!
Different week have different prize, so what are you waiting for? JOIN Now
date: 30 Oct- 30 Nov
DIGI always the SMARTER Choice =)

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