Busy week~

sorry that i didnt update as often as last time. Yeah, some people says that those who "have a life" will be updating slower than those who doesn't. -_- Maybe its true. Yeah, doesn't mean i didnt post up those expensieve restorant and expensieve stuff that i bought means im poor or im a lifeless person. Yes, i do enjoy life as others but i choose not to post it up cause i feel that its no point showing off. Well this week i have tons of stuff to settle.. 1st off is my internship, 2nd is my hair, 3rd is to find my creativity and lastly i need to think of my blog. I know my traffic can go as low as number 10, so what? im not those people who care about traffic, who copy other people post. Lastly i want to ask everybody , are u the one controlling your blog , or is your blog controlling you?
try to find a time to think about it...and if im not wrong, i see many people change when they start blogging. "they" are the ones who focus on traffic. And lastly....


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