Site Maintainence will be close at 12 am on 14th of november. Dont worry, i just need few hour to do the maintainence anyway xD. Im sure most of you are wondering where did EV aka yenniedoll went? These few days i've been working on layouts. Yup. I design layouts. Its my hobby and i love it. I also have my final coming soon which i will be very busy like mad dog soon. Life as a designer is hard... O.o I've been planning for new look, new style and new content to put in my blog. Yup, i actually plan it ._. because i feel there is lack of something in my blog. Have you notice that im already using NEW BLOGGER LAYOUTS? trust me, doing layouts is not easy as you think, especially understanding the codes. It took me awhile to understand XHTML. Now, im so happy that user can use "previous", "home" and next button and the "labels". It save me lots space, coding and it look much more cleaner. Plus not much lag! ... that's the most important part. I enjoy using the layout page .. It makes me code easier. =)) So stay tune to my latest BLOG LAYOUT DESIGN. By the way, the duck theme layout is just for limited time only. Im sure many of you use DIGI. LOL, i have to admit the duck is cute. And that is the 1st cute layout i done so far xD oh ya, and 1 more thing... I finally find out that i love graphic so much and should have take graphic in the 1st place. =( or perhaps fashion design? haha... *ok enough talking, im starting to talk out of the topic*

Once more HAPPY DUCK HAUNTING!! *Quack*

-oi who stole my duck-

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