Awesome Huge Gathering

Gathering with 15 people... @ Curve @ TGIF....

the guyz : DSX,Chezz,rui,kelvin,omg, josh, chris
the girls: Me, venessa, diese, june, caney, jeanie, jess, cathy

i think this is the best gathering ever.. =) we should do it often ....

the drink -_- i forgot what name

this 1 is cheese maccaroni....smthg

chicken (this 1 is very spicy)

and this is FRIDAYS ..burger...

Anis aka Diese , Ven and ME

ok, i like this picture cause im smiling -_-

Josh, Jess, Ven

Anis , Me and DSX

take 1 -no smile

Josh, Chris, Jess

Anis, Ven, ME and DSX

take 2 -smile

ok la... i look so off in this picture T_T

terlalu happy in here until face so fat already ..huhuhu

btw, here is me, anis, jean and june

me with red face already >_<

Cathy , omg, ME and Rui

ok, this is 1 whole family @_@

Great smiles on our faces xD

The front is kelvin


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