What are Bad Friends

Do you actually know who you hang out with? Are "best friends" really do last?

I breakup with my bestie two times. One of them asking me for money and she never return back to me.(i never heard of her after she ask for that money,gezz) Another 1 is cause she ditched me. But now, i be-friend back with my friend that ditched me. (actually is a long story behind both of my bestie)

How do you know if he/she is bad friend?

#1 She puts you down

insulting in front of your face/ slapping you is a big NO NO. Your friend is not your mother or father, she have no right to do so.If one day you had a bad day or just brokeup with your lover and your friend have no respect towards you, you can try talk to your friend about your feelings on how she he treat you. Maybe your friend will feel bad? or guilty? If she's a good friend, she will realise and change her behaviour , if she doesn't .. i think you better call it OFF!

#2 She ditched you

I hate people who ditched me, for example i ask her out on Friday but when it comes to Friday.. i call her and she didn't pick up. A few mins later, you receive a text saying all kinda excuses just to cancel the date. gosh . Actually its good that she leave you alone for some private life, but if she constantly do that, she's not giving respect.

#3 She tells your secret

If you only tell one person your secret and suddenly everybody know's. You already know who spread it. If she cant keep you secret, she is betraying your trust and hurting you. Actually it depends what kind of secret your friend tells. If she tells them that you have food disorder, then its good cause they can pass the message to the counsellor and then to your parents. But if its secret about your love life, then you might just want to leave her.

#4 She Steals Your Guy

hey, there are many guys out there, why do you need to fight over a guy? It is rude if you quietly date your bestie boyfriend. And sometimes fight does happen when both likes the same guy, and they fight on who did he admire 1st. -_- The guy may feel bored and just leave .

#5 She steals your money

If your friend want to borrow money from you, that require big trust

fiy: a good friend is always by your side no matter what ,support you and build you up. If she consistently drag you down is not really your friend. So, just hang out more with positives friends. You can still hang out with the negatives ones but if she still continue to hurt you, just call it OFF. It'll be hard at 1st but it's like any breakup that you'll feel better in the long run.

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