The ANOTHER way of sex (18SX+++)

Have YOU come across about Cam Sex, phone sex or cyber sex? (ok enough with the S word)
Do you know what are they? What do they mean? How does it works?

Long time ago, when i was young, i did have a similiar thing happen to me like AGNES. Yes, i was very naive that i didn't know anything about the "internet" . To some, internet is very good resource but to some , they are dirty. Sometimes when i searching for graphic in a GRAPHIC SITE, it then pop out an porny- advertisement. like wtf? It's damn gross ok. what's more gross is that desperate guys on the net want to have cam sex with you, especially if they know you are a girl. For example, some public chatting site. If you place your email there, they will add you up and then the 1st thing they do is asking you "do u have a cam"? like omg, doesn't mean i have a cam means i need to do that with you right? Some, they didn't even ask you, they send you an cam invite . Of cause you must acept only you can see right? If a stranger send you 1 , just dont acept unless you seen him/her in person.

As i know, many western love to cyber...why? Actually i also dont know why. Maybe they are utra horny ,maybe not enough girls? or maybe their population is too much that there are many phycho freaks there. THE WORLD IS DIRTY. In the older days people use to have phone sex, but now cause it's the new genaration and people are using computers. phone change to internet -_-. gosh.

For those of you want to know what is Cyber/phone sex (is not that im interested, just for knowledge).

here it is:

  • Cyber or phone Sex usually involved in sex talk on the phone or over the internet.Sometimes, one or both masturbates as they talk sex stuff -_-. (showing private part to the other party cam to cam)
  • Its a way to have S without getting any risk
  • almost like watching porn (dont ask me that)
  • Some do it for fun *yucks*
  • Some do it to earn extra income (they show 5 sec, if you want more , you have to pay)
  • Couple's who are seperated by distance for example LDR use this method to stay close apart.
  • people in committed relationships use this method to have outside sexual activity that they don’t see as cheating. Some think it's cheating and some don't , its depends on the couple.
  • Cyber and phone sex have no risk of pregnancy or disease, since you aren’t in physical contact with the other person.
  • Cyber and phone sex can be dangerous if you exchange number / adresses if you dont know who is your partner.
  • people can lie about their age, sex, and who they are.
  • Sexual predators – rapists, pedophiles often disguise themselves and go online to lure young people into sexual encounters, porno /prostitution and other illegal and dangerous activities.
  • it’s important to never arrange a personal meeting with someone you only know through the Internet. People have been hurt and even killed by agreeing to meet with people they only know online.(that is so true)

How to Avoid:

I usually just say, i dont have a cam, sorry. go fuck yourself xD

sometimes you can just ignore them =)

Nowdays not only it happen to girl but it happen to guys too. There are many horny girls out there, so guys beware. I know guys will sure enjoy it. -_- but to me, its like another type of prostitute.

As long as a site that allow you to see 101 using the webcam, you should be aware that this thing can happen anytime.

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