Upgrading Yenniedoll site

Dear readers,

i know some of you had been following my blog since i open it. Last time i have alot of problem with my blog layout and i decided to use classic since im very pro in coding websites. The reason why im sick of classic is cause they dont have "previous" button and the "labels". Which are very usefull for all readers and also i get to save the heavy coding from my page. Now im currently using alot of coding to replace the labels. I think that is why my site always lags your pc. -_- Now, i have "lag" problem. I decided to learn XHTML as fast as possible so that i can understand how to do an attractive layout so that you will feel nice to come to my blog with all those fancy colours and also you wont face any "lag" cause not much heavy coding is used. Now, I think its time to upgrade yenniedoll site into new blogger with funky design + user friendly site. So, stay tune on for my new layout =) i hope it wont give problem anymore. Anyway the important part is how i blog right? But this blogger also care about the Look & Feel and the technical part of the site.

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