Freaking new Semester

My new semester just start this monday, im going to sem 6 term 1 now... FINAL!!

damnit , sometimes i think why on earth "I love college"? Anyway , 1st when im on internship, i really love college, but now ... Grr, what an assignment the lecturer give.

One step in my college, few people greet me and i was soooo happy to see JEss and Amir. BTW, this couple are lovely. Jess is my secondary classmate and bestie.

I also grab some CRapz that provide by the college =.= what to do, i always love craps anyway.

Oh yah i was so happy to be back to college and i wear my ORIGINAL Abercrombie & Fitch (bought from the US.)

My mom actually choose this tee for me.. =.=

Do you know what craps im talking about???? Its DONT PANIC

DONT PANIC - poster, flyers and more flyers... clubbing info...and goodies and some art stuff -_-

Usually they give before our semester break, so we can plan where to party

Yupz that is all the stuff inside this lovely paper envelope.

Get My time table then head to class, boring....
Lecturer brief on our assignment. OMG, we are under the lecturer that teach us Video & 3D
Seriously, that lecturer is very funny... um , he needs to be more serious sometimes. =.=

He tell us to do so many reports @.@ and also do our own design...
actually i dont understand what to do. i always dont understand what he saying, i only understand what are those animation student should do, but what about interactive???

damn blur... i heard from my senior that they almost give up on their assignment @@!!

after briefting, we are allowed to go back.

I went back home and guess what?

I bought ice-cream =P

Introducing PIRATES strawberry & Choc

You can get either 1 of the shapes

Um, this was another days 1. :P
Im so addicted to it already...T.T

Did you notice something difference? I spice up the pictures abit, cause i fell its lame without the caption on it xD the truth is i wanna change my whole layout to be a more funky design -_-
I LOVE FUNKY design, hehe...

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