Lets SCREAM this Halloween

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HELL will be let loose this October at SCREAM, the one and only HORROR-THEMED OUTDOOR PARTY in Malaysia!!!Who wants to live happily after when you can be condemned and rot in SCREAM with Freddie, Jason, Ju-Onn, and all your most horrified imaginative slouchy characters, coming alive from 6 feet under right before your eyes!!!!Be entertained by LIVE DJs and LIVE Bands, including Joey G, Rob Nutek, Beat The System, S.A.D, Slunk, and many more, with their special remixes of SCREAM soundtracks, and have your SCARY BONES suckled by our LIVE SCARE ACTORS who know how to exactly SCARE THE HAPPINESS out of you within a snap of the fingers. You will also be served with our SIGNATURE YUCKY SCREAM concoctions of eyeballs, animal intestines and other creepy-crawlies-squeezy-wheezies for a complete night of SHEER HORROR.Just spook up at SCREAM on the 31st October, 8pm, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park with your costume and make-up to receive your free YUCKY SCREAM drinks.You may also be in the running for the most "Creatively Dressed" to win RM1000 CASH!!!Act now!!! And be ready to SCREEEEEEAAAAMMMMMMMM~~~~~~~~~~~~For more details, please log on to our community at :-


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