House Bunny Premiere

Yesterday was a big day for me, you wanna know why?

Its because its my last day of my internship. =)

And i dont have to burn my pockects everyday... hoorah..
well, been working in a company for 3 mths without allowance is very .. tough. sigh.. At least rm1?!

yesterday is a very tiring day.. after work then go to movies. @@

Told you in my previous post that i won two ticket right ? (evil grin)

So i have to rush rush ask my boss to sign my report, too bad i have to go back office on friday to collect it.

So after work, i went straight to cineleisure. It was very fun to meet some bloggers in person. Well, honestly they all look so good in person @@ and they are very friendly and funny. =.=

(LOL, im speechless on what to write , so let teh picture do the talking ya?)

some picture taken from wilson blog. gosh im so lazy to bring out my camera, xD

1st, we went to mahathan fish market to eat our dinner. xD

Chris Thoo, Me,wilson,sherry,zoe

Im so glad that i meet all of you. =) especially ZOE

Chris Thoo, Chezz (hahaha) and ME ( my face look like =.=) omg

Wilson, pretty sherry and ZOE

Kelvin and OMG (looks like they really enjoy)

??? n chris

My fish and cheaps... well actually just chips left =.=
Honestly it tatse abit out of tatse...

After Dinner , this is how the guyz burn time cz the movie start at 9:30pm

players: Chris VS Wilson and OMG VS ??(sry i 4got the name)

Presenting chris VS Wilson

Chris VS Wilson

Chris looks very serious


at the end wilson won.. xD

After burn time, we head to the ticket booth to collect our ticket. But, im special case, cause i have to claim from ringo.

Ringo is very pretty =)

Ringo and ME ( my hair look so OFF)

haha, ringo took the amber chia possition xD

Chris, Cathy, Me and wilson

ME n Joshua

Group Picture

Chezz,Chris,cathy,sherry, ME , Zoe, Wilson, Karena and Ren

The KSCBians n NNCBians .LOL

So bad that im a shorty =(( sigh

After all the red carpet feeling , we went to the screening xD

Can you spot cindy? (is it her or im dreaming?) btw she is very tall

Thank you ringo and nuffnang =)

Im really sleepy and tired after the show @.@
But the movie is great!!!

It makes all nerdy looking girl feel that they can become pretty too.
more like mean girls + Ugly betty

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