Why i heart VIVI?

How do i meet VIVI?

It started when i search the magazine section in popular bookshop. I never read the Chinese section. Then i don't know why my hands so itchy , i grab one of the mag that has a very pretty sexy girl picture on the cover. Ehem, cause she is pretty. :P Then i flip the pages (don't look at me , im innocent) and saw alot interesting things. That's how i change my look . =.=

Erm, I'm not a Japanese wannabe . its just i love their fashion sense and makeup tips (that's how i improved my make-up skills)

Honestly, its very expensive and it cost RM9 for just 1 mag with alot pretty jap girls. =.=

Let me show you some insider from the magazine


To make-up ( i think jap girls really know how to make-up)

Nails Art

and hair!

Well, compare Japanese magazine and local mag. These mags gives more info and to me its very useful.Not like those english mags, they didn't show you how to make up step by step -_-.
This magazine available in magazine shops (those that sells alot mag), selected popular bookstores and kinokuniya (you can buy in japanese or mandarine) ,but japanese version is much more pricey.

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