2 weeks to College!

Well not exactly 2 weeks left but my intern is going to end real soon. Like SOON. OMG, im so happy.

Cant believe that im blogging in my office now.

There's always a good thing and a bad thing. The good news is that i can meet up with my college buddies and feel the feeling of being a student again. The bad thing is "ASSIGNMENTS" .

BAH, i hate them.. To tell you the truth. All my assignments are done last minutes. Thats why i cant go to US with my parents. sigh *punish self*

when i say last minute, there are really LAST MINUTES. I didnt sleep.. and try to finish and burn to the CD and.... print a CD cover.. well CD cover also design last minutes..

thats my bad habit.. but i hope i wont do that again... (lah)

I also cant believe that im going to graduate so fast

my friend (seniors) going to grad on october. =(

Im so happy that im not going to be trap in this (whisper *prison)

No ALLOWENCE and boring jobs.. zzzZZ boring

last time i dream alot . thought i can get like rm400 /mth but at the end i get nothing

internship= slave

So, for those who talk or dream alot... dont dream.
If not you will end up like me.

well, so far i learn ALOT of things. =.=

Hmm, thats all for now.. *back to work*

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