Kissing Tips

Some kissing tips for Biginners O.o

Step 1.

Maintain eye contact right up untill your lips touch - this will not only help build the excitement but will stop you from smushing noses. If staring at someone up close freaks you out,look at the space between his eyes (he won't be able to tell the difference.

Step 2
Tilt Your Head as you lean in and open your mouth slightly. Touch his mouth with yours and then move your lips into a pout shape. Keep opening your mouth slightly and then making your lips pout until you feel comfortable. (you can always pull away and start over i you feel like it)

Step 3.
As you both start to relax,gently run your tongue across his bottom lip.

Step 4.
When you get bored (or get a crick in your neck), tilt your head the other way and startover again.

Step 5
Enjoy yourself-work out how you like to be kissed.Tell him what you like,and make the most of it!


If he is too rough - Pull away and tell him that you love it when he kisses you gently and slowly,then show him what you mean.

If He has bad Breath - Carry Gum around with you and offer it to him in strategic moments untill he gets the message!

If He Slobbers - Try closing your mouth more when you kiss , but if that doesn,t work say something like "i love it when you kiss me softly". Its about communication!


Lip-o-suction - You kiss his lower lip while he kisses your upper lip, then reverse. Start soft, then play around with pressure.

Nibbling - The secret to kissing is variety. To spice things up try start with a lip o suction style kiss, then gently nibble on his bottom lip. If he seems to like it you can then experiment with intensity.

French - Start off with a normal kiss , then nudge his mouth open with your tongue. Gently explore his mouth with your tongue, then let him explore yours.

Vacuum - This happens when you and your boy creates an air tight seal with your lips. This kiss is really intimate, and can make you fell breathless

Some reference are from "Girlfriend " Mag

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