"Newbie Innit nuffnang" guide

I've been using innit ,nuffnang for the past 3 months.

What the hell is innit? Or what the hell is nuffnang?

Nuffnang is just like ads sense. U register and place their code on your blog and you get kaching$$! (but before you get kachings, make sure people clicks on your ads to get it, if not? its like they puts ads on your blog for free! The thing is Nuffnang apply only for blogs.

Nuffnang not only let you earn money, they have events. So that you can get along with some bloggers and promote your blogs?The best thing is you get to make friends and enjoy free movies.

whats innit and how to go?

I'll show you how..

Right at the very bottom there is a

Click on the Innit (its gold color)

Innit is something like a blog post directory. Ever heard of Topsites? yeah. But this is abit different. A directory have a rating system right?They have 5 stars. But in innit they use the "nang" and "dang" system.

Nang=If you like the post/ the blogger/your friend
Dang(dung) =If you hate the person/sucks post


They also have a chatbox (that is something unique)
-Chatbox are meant for chatting only, then why they call it chat box?

So many people thinks that it is a ads Box. -_-

well, im gonna explain more about dangs

Wonder why you get so many dangs by the same person on your every post?

Its because Innit have a dang gang. the TNS dang gang.

Are you new? and you just get your 1st dang and you come to mama and cry because you get a dang?

The reasons why they dang is because

-You are just plain anoying
-You post ur post link without chatting and go off like that
-You self nang (happens to all newbies)

To avoid self nang>>
*avoid clicking on your own title . Click on the number next to the post title
* dont try to check if you can spam nangs by clicking the nang button

-The more you post your link there, the more they will dang you
-Begging people to nang (dont beg like cats please)

-Dont ask why they dang you

So , go find other way to promote your blog than using the chatbox to promote.

The chatbox is for chatting only and if you just post a link in a sudden. Its so anoying/ polluted the whole chatbox/ interuption.

for example:

Me and my friends go to a restorant to eat and talk. Then suddenly this sales person interupt the convo and you just plainly dont remember what you want to say to your friend.

So here is all the info and dont ask why they dang you again and do acept the dangs.

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