Zoe's new Layout

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"Freebies Section has just created. This post is the 1st one! Catch your eyes for this section as I may give free services ,free graphic, or just some random contest."


Im glad that i've done Zoe's new layout. LOL, actually i really do want to give a hand cause i suddenly feels like doing. Hmmm. Yeah i've spend 2 days ,modifying n changing and ... yesterday afternoon,i try view her blog again.. has some error on it.then at night its ok already. Don't know its blogger or what. =.= Oh yah, watch out for me and maybe i could help you on HTML or layout thingy. Dont just run without giving a penny(LOL).This is one of my hobby , making layouts but in HTML based. Well,so happy that no error since last night =)

More suprises to Come!

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