My Lashes Dont Lie

Last week i went to piramind with my parents and i told my mom that i want to buy "mascara". Currently i use SilkyGirl ,but it doesnt work well...the base not strong enough. I wanted to buy Fiberwig known in Japan. Heard that this mascara is very highly recommended. Actually i just need a mascara to groom my lashes neatly,and boost it up.


Me: (show my mom the fiberwig) i need this
mOM: How much is it?
Me: Its um...RM60
MOM: WTF !!!8&& so expensieve
Me: Giving face
MOM: choose others,what about Loreal
Me: I wan fiberwig T.T
Mom: what so good about it?
Me: Because it has fiber n can make ur lashes look like you wear fake lashes
Mom:...... You dont need that,that is for people who have short lashes
Me: T.T
Brother: why need to buy,your eyelash nice already.
Me:*took the Loreal*
Mom: How much?
Me: its Rm50 (thinking that just add rm10 can get fiberwig)
Me:ok la,i just buy this L'oreal.. -.-"""

Just for Fiberwig i need to ....... fight for it?HMmm

The thing is my lashers are 100% really long...
But i want it to be look more longer or sharper(dramatic)

MY LASHERS Are just like Pinoccu nose.....>.<
yeah,alot girls envy with my lashes and i dont wear fake lashers..

ps, nowdays even a 15 yr old girl will wear Fake lashes... whats with the fake lashes?=.=

Yeah,this generation is mad.... have you seen many cute girls around with dark eyeliner and wide eyes and doll like lashes? Most of them can be found friendster. Fake lashes or real i also dont know.

fake lashes are meant for party <-- my opinion So 1 day i tried my new mascara and it's awsome! It really can boost up my lashers(My lashers are long but its quite down)

This are my eyes,this mascara make my lashers more visible due to its black color

applying tips: apply base coat then the top n then use a curling to curl and use comb to wipe/
seperate the lashers

Here is a picture of my handphone and the mascara
that day in piramid i saw many twins walking around wearing the same style
>>Look my phone is so matching with my mascara<<

Some random pictures of me
while trying the mascara

Find this picture interesting



>>Okay i know that it looks like I in the "loo"?<<
the lighting is just soooo good

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