I can chat 24/7

Maybe you see me in some sites have a place that can chat like kennysia.com ,neopets , IMVU , malayianbabes,....and so on. People tense to notice that i chat alot..i mean wayyyyy ALOT . Its not like i dont have a life but i do have. Its just that i love making new friends and know about different culture around the world. Yeah during my school time it was kinda hard for me, why? because i hate to have "a clique" means a group of friends that stick together for ever. So i was like rojak( mix) . . I have friends that in many different types of groups from the crazy gals ,to the brave ones to the singing ones. I enjoyed singing during high school with them,its the best group eva. ok,im so out of topic now..

Lets move back to "i chat 24/7"..

I love to go to places that have big community. Because thats where we can have more friends and alots of different topic and including "18sx". Um,and sometime chatbox are nasty. Because you may hurt someone but you dont know that. But hey a chatbox is to have fun anyway. To me websites chatbox,forums n other..are very IN to me than msn or yahoo. I do chat on msn and AIM. well, aim is not bad too.. i cna actually play game and make some friends while playing? why not.

Do i get bored of chatting?
Of cause not

Chatting is a big yes yes NOw...

When i open this blog,i joined nuffnang.. nuffnang is ads thingy. Its ads that you put on your blog and yes you can make money. Ka ching! I join nuffnang is not because of its ads thingy but i love the events that they host.

Normally i chat at KSCB. And some of you may be wondering what the hell is KSCB. Mainly KSCB = Kennysia Chatbox .Why? because he put a chatbox(which is the place people leave a comment to it) that actively members/readers/fans/??? will come her to chat a msg/sec..

yes its one active chatbox/tagbox that you can find.


And then i found that there is not many people chatting here already. Its getting more and more boring these days. Suddently when i check my nuffnang account i found out that on the innit section recently have a ChatBox....

which is post is so IN on innit now?


Come on lets Nang like mad cows!

Lets migrate there shall we? we? (hola)<-mr bean

All bloggers having a gud kopi tiam (Break)

Conclusion chatbox is sooooo IN now<--OMG i just said like 100 times

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