Sorry that i didnt update because im so busy.Recently have two project going on... pass down to me. T_T damn sleepy nowdays. But i prefer to chat more .haha :P

so far i just realise how working life is ..working working n working. Our free time on weekends only. And everyday i have to be like those bulls rushing in the bus. (this will make people have higher chance of molesting). I was thinking how old are they,they are much older than me yet dont know simple moral. sigh. College life VS Working life? College life wins. at least you can "ponteng class" anytime or if you want to go yamcha. College life have more time to spend time with friends. Working is always in the office. I wish i can work in the boutique oly. So i can camhore with many different clothers and put here instead. seriously i like to see clothers than papers.-.~

my list of work
-web layout
-e-cards (almost done)
-this blog layout

but i have a waiting list to blog..and..i wont announce here :P

so guyz,i will be putting the new layout.ASAP

damn,im just like a

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