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Hey there, Im planning to change my layout for this blog . Why? Because this layout is too messy and it needs a better clother & performance. So far so good but im not satisfy.Firstly, i make the links into scrollable menu and also i put a private chat room which reader can chat one on one with me. So,well..i think my page will be head wire if too many stuff. I want to keep things neat. I already plan the design and i can say everything except the layout style. So , I need your help!!!
I have design two style and you choose which you think its easy for you to navigate or to read the blog. And which is much more clean. For the links such as DaBabe,chatbox,friendsblog,..etc will be on 1 column..and advertisement on the other column. I will try use a type of navigation which when you click on Dababe,da babe page will drop down..and you click links,links will down down and dababe page will return to its previous possition. (if you get what i mean) if you dont,never mind. basically its just a navigation that save alot of space. full stop.
Yeah,i will design my own layout from head to toe..<-O.o are you serious
yup no problemo :)

So enough words

Here is how you help me
1. Compare layout 1 and 2.
2. Vote for your choice below the picture

Step 1
Layout 1
description:Same like the previous layout

Layout 2

description:two column navigation is separate

Step 2

greencard poll

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