Cute Stuff 4 School

Have you ever heard of me loving such fancy stationary? Yeah i do, i can tell you that i can be spending hours in the bookstore looking at all fancy stuff. But hey, Now its a new generation.
We have this thing call Internet. I know the line here in Malaysia is not stable but I'm able to search cute stationary trough on9 without spending a single penny on transport or you don't have to walk ,lol. Here I found some really fancy stationary n stuff.

Before you sharpen your mind, sharpen your pencil with the help of this cute little walking robot.

A Dog stapler....CooL!

Call your friends for homework help (or to gossip about the cute new guys in your class!).
Look at it , it has names on it

For fish lovers out there this is for you
Uber cute Fish" Pen

Constantly losing your keys in your school bag? Use one of these critter lights for searching in those hard-to-see places!
It's very useful and cute

This Lady will sing umbrela-ela ela ela
This umbrella doll is so adorable that you won't want to undo the snap - even when it pours!
Very stylish and unique
You can tell your mom you're getting your veggies in with these fun veggie-themed pens!

This is for the cooler dudes/gals
You already match your music to your mood, but now you can match your ear buds too with these cute emoticon ear buds!

Forgot what to do and what to bring?
Never fear a to Do list is here

No "butts" about it: Stay smiling - and organized - with this tape dispenser, pen and Post-it holder, with toilet paper clip compartment!
All items available and up for grab in their websites ~.^

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