AN IN4mation page

hey readers,

Since im using classic blogger(blogspot).Its because i hate the new blogger(blogspot).Why i hate it? its because of its service and tools. Everything have a good and bad right? well,lets compare..

Classic Blogger
-Freedom of layout designs
-HTML coding
-its good for people who knows HTML or CSS
-Hide Blogspot Nav bar
-Not much widget
-NO previous post button
-NO label

New blogger
-Easy layout editor
-Not much HTML or CSS exp needed
-Its a XHTML layout
-They have previous page
-Very cool widget and add ons
-No freedom of layout design

you see,two of them have something i dont like.

i wish classic blogger have the same add ons as the new ones.So i can put label easily and have a previous post button.

I had no choice but to make so many drop down menus

one is for archive,latest post,and a drop down menu for label.

i make a drop down menu so it would be eassier for you.

for example instead of clicking a label and it show all the post,you can select what post you want to read. this makes your pc less lag.

and its also because this blog dont allow to have a previous post button

and i know you wont want to read from head to toe?

huh,i thought the topic is "A in4mation page"?



i want to do an in4mation page on my blog,so if you are new here and you are confuse on the layout or navigation or something else regarding this blog or just in4mation bout me? like my profile. just come to the in4mation page, there is always in4 in here. =)

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