Sparta Fashion Rulez

Im sure everybody seen the movie "300" right? Its a hit movie..Favourite quote is "This is Sparta! .Its funny right? Ever since this movie started,people are goo goo over it. Why I said that? Its because the fashion designers gone mad.They have no idea what design to come out with ,what trend to be hot in the next season.From the 90,60,50's and now sparta. Since everybody is crazy over it. And when people see strong people or big huge guy . They will insult "You are the spartan ,man". O.o right . What so good about spartan anyway? Now designers have come out with an idea! What guyz wear,girls also can wear. <---huh its more like if you can,i can. this kinda sentence. now girls can wear guy PJ's,vest,tie, and now even sandals . Its not the feminine sandals im talking about,its the sparta kind. (the guyz kind)

ps:but they have feminine kind

well,its not bad after all.They have create a Spartan Shoes

:::The Spartan Shoes:::

(look he is wearing it)

i want these

there are many kinds of it
So,come on lets have 1 ,lets become spartan!
Note: You are eligible to be a Spartans if you buy these shoes

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