Barbie Way Of Making Money

A convo with a girl and her mother at Toys "R" Us Barbie section
choosing birthday gift
Mom: Pick anything you like but make sure its not more than ...
Girl : OK
Mom:Aww,this looks cute (show Fashion fever ) Would you like to have this?
Girl : *Shakes head*
Girl was distracted by a TVC near the Barbie section
Mom : What about this or this?
Girl : Mommy can i have one of those?plzzzzzz ^.^vV
Mom : O.O wow, now Matel barbie dolls become more high tech.. And its 29.98 $

***Mom reads decription***
Be styling, be in tune, and be connected with this Barbie Girls MP3 Player from Mattel, a next-generation fashion doll and stylish MP3 player all in one! Connect her to your computer to unlock tons of new features on, including special fashions, furniture, accessories, pets, and access to Club Beauty! Your Barbie Girl comes with a second fashion outfit, adjustable-sized earbuds, belt clip, docking station, registration CD, and reusable storage case. With 512MB of memory, an expandable miniSD slot that holds up to 2GB, this MP3 player is Windows XP and Vista compatible, but not Mac compatible.

Girl : Mommy plzzzz, all my friends have one. T.T
Mom: How you know?
Girl : The whole school is talking about it and my friends planning to have one too. ^^
Mom : Ok,pick your choice,since its your birthday

After the mother pay for it,and they reach back home.
On the next day Girl start to play with her new toy .
And she login to

Girl looking at the commercial for V.I.P member , she grab her mom to read it . Because it needs parents aproval... when her mother click on join V.I.P ..they ask you to pay money to be able to get exclusive items and benefit. So mom was shock because Barbie is tricking the children to ask mami and papa to pay barbie a lil bit of pocket money so that barbie will let the children to enjoy more things in the vitual world. Well, everything is vitual and its 100% fake. So children dont fall for this trap. At least girls that have Barbie Girl can enjoy more than people who dont have a barbie girl.

whoa,plus applicable taxes sommore.
Small girls really are a victim now
This days people are using online community/ interactive site as a target to make money
such as neopets,runescape,maplestory,cabal,S.D.O,audition,barbie and many many more to come. Use money wisely since everything is not cheap now ^.~

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