dying of boredom with skills

its nearly 5pm,and im soooo bored at my office. how can i live like this everyday? looking at my mac , just browsing the net and doing almost nothing. Gosh, my Mac is not that mac in my college . Its quite old version plus the software are old. So,there's this fella asking me about photoshop yesterday midnight. He was asking me how to do a picture that the background is grey and the human or watever you want remain the same color. Last night im damn sleepy . Brain not functioning well. So at this last hour i brows for an image, i use that image and watever i think to do that effect. i try and test. suprise that the 1st time i do duplicate layer and blah blah.. i done it.without any mistake without any failure.Im happy then..so here is my Art work.


My masterpiece..wuahahaha
I will show you how to do it when i put at "How to.." page

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