The unforgettable art party that happened last weekend was amazingly fun! I always had been to fashion or drinking events but never an event that combined it all. Thanks to my curiosity that got me invited to this special event, DEFINE - Urban Recipe To F.A.M.E. (Fashion. Art. Music. Etc). The 1st pop up event is ART. Honestly, the organizer gave me a huge surprise by parking a white Volkswagen Kombi, THAT IS OUR CANVAS! OH MY GOD. Of course, I was so shocked and still clueless of what to paint on it. My friends and I eventually reached there early, registered and claimed our survivor kit to last throughout the event. The kit contain a pack of brushes of 2 sizes and drink coupons. My art of blending? Friends from travel and fashion line. Anyway, I'm there to blend more. *winks* 

The entrance view, very artsy event indeed!

guest getting their picture taken by DEFINE in Old School style "Polaroid", PS: He is holding the invitation card box!
This is how it looks like! The Polaroid shoot taken at the entrance. Nice?
So you have seen the 1st highlight of the event which is "canvas on wheels". Apart from becoming a painter for a day, we also get FREE customized badges from famous social network comic artistes;
Chu Yin Shan, Chee Ching & Ernest NG (dontlikethatlabro). These cartoonist have really nice comics drew on their blogs, you should check them out! *hint: click on their names* 

Comic artist in REAL life!

Ernest drawing my leopard


It's a very relaxing Sunday event where our local indie bands jamming to their tune at the music room while the guests doing their ARTWORK on the Volkswagen Kombi. 

Interesting how they come out with such incredible drawings! So creative. Love them to bits!

lot's of creative people in the house
Everything from Fahrenheit88, Shoes from Vincci and Earring from THE WILD THINGS . Coke with the #lenglui

thanks everyone for making my dream come true... hehehe

The only blank spot I could find... I'm painting IN STYLE with my GUESS Watch sponsored by GUESS.
Green Monster is Born!

Pheww, painting on canvas and car is 2 different thing. It was so tiring but the music played at the music room by Liyana Fizi kept me relax and focus. We proceed to the music room to have some drinks and PARTY! Woohoo, They have Emcee/ DJ Patricia K on decks.

From relaxing Indie Band Music to CRAZY 80's PARTY!

Customized "Corktale" Drinks, from mild to fever hot spicy!
Ong Siew Mei knows we girls love mild and sweet. Good taste!

Me and my love Nadia

Patricia K !



finish artwork
Met all these awesome people

we are the crazy bunch of artistic peeps, peace!
Accessories badges as necklace and close up look of Sunshine Earrings from THE WILD THINGS
Memories from DEFINE event

I'm looking forward to the next ART party, if there is any in the future!

Check out more coverage of the event on DEFINE official facebook at or #DefineMy