Too Cool For School At Bangsar

Hey Hey Hey! Let me introduce a really cool beauty brand too cool for school that has landed in our beautiful country, Malaysia! I had passed by this store at Seoul, Korea. My friends thought it's a stationary shop but turns out to be a cosmetic shop. The concept was too cool to even forget about this brand. So how do I know of this brand in Malaysia? My friend, she told me about it and I was excited and planned my visit to their 1st outlet at Bangsar, Jalan Telawi. You can spot the shop next to "Dip&Dip". So happened, my visit was during Labour Day. too cool for school always host fun contest & promotions during festive season. Spotted them all dress-up according to the event too, how cool is that?!

cute umbrella stand
At the entrance, they have a cute umbrella stand and also a mini make-over counter at the side. I decided to get a make over by too cool for school to add some colors to my bare face. Nothing that heavy, my pick was an orange lipstick and eye liner. Here's a tip: Gently wash face with Mc Girly Rice Wine Come Clean cleanser foam + Dinoplaz Pearl Bay Invention mix with BB Foundation Lunch Box before applying makeup. Spray a coat of Perfect Day Makeup Fixer for the finishing.

She applied Orange Lipstick & Eye Liner
close up look of the eye liner drawn

Extraordinaire interior, just feels like back to school! The concept is very arty, uses of paintings, books, stationary, medicine, jars and dolls. too cool for school packaging definitely win my heart! I'm going to feature some of my favorite products that tried and bought right below; Scroll on....
Too Cool Art Class - A lip tint looks like a crayon
Every mascara comes with a bonus....

Check out this cute pop-up world of Dino card, comes with every Dinoplaz Pop-Up Mascara!
After School BB Foundation Lunch Box
Here's the secret to achieve the glowing perfect skin like the K-pop girls!
Mix 2 products, BB Foundation Lunch Box + Pearl Bay Invasion

Magical Eraser to undo eye make up mistakes.
travel size coco doll perfume

[RECOMMEND] Rule of pores, D.I.Y Pack!

[RECOMMENDED] Blending Cream BB really does it's job by covering a not-to-be-seen marks
Primer for oily skin
[RECOMMENDED] selling like hot cakes, this product covers your pores magically. Just dab and rub against it for varnishing effect. Pow Wow!
Cool blusher, for a person who loves art.
Shimmering Lip Gloss
Orange & Pink Lip Tint, so juicy!
This is the orange lipstick on me
Duo Lip Treatment
The Super Mascara! it can be adjust to your desire lash design, example; twist once and you will see the brush transform smaller and twist again for a bigger brush. Budget deal!
Gel Eye Liner , perfect lasting for 24 hours

Beauty Pack for Foot, Bath and Face. Ohh~ La~ La!~

Lip Pot in orange, pink and red
Love the soft milky pink
Lip Tint that changes color, Dinoplaz Identify Lost.
present you, too cool for school team dresses as teacher, soldier and nurse

Phewww! That is a lot of products tested on one day. It was really nice to have a close look on all the products and personally, it all look amazingly cute. If only I could owned them all. *evil grin*.

My "too cool for school" stamp collection
Look at my purchases! They gave me some sweets in courtesy of Labour Day.
 **Check it out yourself**
Located at :
No. 11 (Ground Floor)
Jalan Telawi 3 Bangsar Baru 59100
Kuala Lumpur
Also inside Parkson, Gurney Plaza, Penang 

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  1. So adorable! The prices are a little bit steep :/ but the packaging is to die for! I'm gonna check out the lip tints, check cake blusher and the lipsticks. Thanks for sharing!