Dear Diary: Raya & My New Look

Raya has just ended and my work load is back to normal. My term of normal is "busy". Sometimes, I'm just too focus on my jewelry making / selling until my blog went dead for a moment. So, it's time for a little bit of update. yay! This year Raya celebration is fun, was invited to berbuka puasa (break fast) with my Malay friends. The challenge was a non Muslim, which is me to fast for one day to feel the joy while celebrating. It was my 1st time fasting, no drinking either. We booked a table at Istana Bambu, recommended by food blogger Rebecca and the place is so beautiful! The whole place looks like a holiday villa with a breathtaking scenery. If you like nature, definitely a good place to try.

I felt satisfied  with the price and variety of selection for food. Yums. Look closely at my wrist, it's new from GUESS WATCHES! Love this design because it fits nicely on my wrist. The design of the watch is for an individual who loves to have different style by changing it's strap. It has a small face with rhinestones around giving a glamor and chic look to any outfit, very suitable for casual look! 

And moving to fashion.... if you know how busy I am making all those jewelry and selling them, it is #REAL.
Sometimes can take up to 1 month to complete one collection because it's just me and my sister who is operating the whole store on FB, please do visit our shop "THE.WILD.THINGS" at . If you have any inquiries regarding sponsorship/ media/ collaboration, do email us at We are specially selling handmade and hand-picked jewelry, hair accessories and clutch (soon!).


What do you think of our pop up store visual merchandising for the 1st time? Anyway, I am planning to do something a little different at the next bazaar. More display items needed but more $$$ too, argh, got to work like a cow! O.O

and another fashion update is...

my hair! 

Few weeks ago, I was thinking of having my hair to touch up the roots but hair-stylist said needed to dye the whole hair. My reaction went out of mind and to just accept it. Was trying not to spoil my hair because of dyeing too frequently. Oh well, counted my hair just dyed 3 times and it became so RED now. The almost same as Jessicat (according to my Sister). Behold the all new RED HEAD~!

<< This picture taken before my new hair color.

Now my new hair can match the outfit that recently bought from H&M and chunky chain necklace handmade by yours truly. Check out "Fashionable Weekend In Malaysia" at Guess Access Blog!

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  1. Wah, you survived fasting! LOL.
    Fuiyoh, hair on 'fire'. LOL