H&M Malaysia is ONline

Rumors says that everyone favorite store "H&M" will open in Malaysia. Well, it's proven after looking at a huge renovation at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang next to Zara. They are taking 3 floors! And it's soon to be open this September. OH YESH!! Major stock up coming right up to my wardrobe equals to major reason to save up.

To be honest, I never know why H&M is so big until I step in the store at Seoul, Korea. It was surprise to see so many people with 3 layers of winter clothing grabbing a pile of H&M's to the fitting room. The fitting room had a massive long queue , it takes 10 minutes to my turn. So I took off all winter clothing (you know how troublesome it is to remove stockings) and tried on some sizes assume by me. Hence, I can't wear the smallest size because it is too small. For this type of style and affordable price, some people willing to do anything.

I'm glad that the H&M website for Malaysia is launched before the store opening. There are few interesting platforms like "In Store Now", "H&M Life" , and "Dressing Room".

H&M Life is like a mini blog features news, trend, look-book, ways to wear it, video etc.

I'm a person who likes to see "What's In Now" to check out the hottest trend in town!

Or to brows more item in categories, for example if I want "top" and will just look at top under female section


GUYS, check these... wow , RM 39

Sometimes it is very hard to select clothing for guys because it apparently look the same if I were to imagine myself. Imagination free with hot male models giving the visuals.

H&M kids range

Style -Like Zara and Topshop
Quality - Good
Range - Wide
Trend - Fast Forward
H&M makes me feel like buying everything! At this case, I might need the boyfriend control. Lolz

H&M is not just an ordinary brand, they have collaborated with Lanvin ,Marni and Anna Dello Russo. Also, the singer Lana De Rey is recently the face of H&M.

remember Looklet.com? The site where my dream of becoming a stylist turns reality by styling visual models with branded slash designer pieces ? H&M is using this concept for shoppers called "DressingRoom"  to mix and match their items visually on the model provided. This allows shoppers to explore the items without browsing at the store. Plus you will get to see the total price for budgeting.

Style . Quality . Price . We Must Go for IT!

Ok people, time to stay away from my print screens and go to http://www.hm.com/my/


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    1. let's go shopping together! mark your calendar on 22nd September :D

  2. Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait!!!

  3. now we got more options!! ask them open one in penang pls! LOL

    1. I think they will open at Penang soon :)