LimKokWing Creativity In Motion Fashion Show @ MidValley

I was invited to attend this marvelous graduate fashion show, Creative In Motion by LimKokWing University last week on 10th of July 2012. My guest of the night is ... bubbly Kelly Chin aka MissSunshine.Both of us reached on time for the 2nd session of the show. We took a lot of photo's until we forgot about ourselves (lol). Many students, lecturers, local designers, parents and media were there to watch the creative designs and craftsmanship's from various themes by the fashion design students. 

There were a couple of singing performance for the opening of session 2 by some very talented vocalist. From El Divo, Nicki Minaj and Usher style.  It was full of energy and entertainment. I was almost stunt when this malay lady can sing like Nicki Minaj. The performance ended with a guy who can moves like jagger. I would want to have him in any of my events.

she have a very good voice

The LKW Usher

She looks like his biggest fans! Look how crazy the crowd was when LKW Usher performs

Spotted Dato.Lim Kok Wing , Gillian Hung and Amir Luqman at front row

With joint inspiration from more than 15 countries worldwide, the show features creations inspired by Chinese Paper Cut, Batik, African Hut and Bird Nest. Displaying work from 24 students from around the globe and models that come from countries such as Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, Botswana, Iran and Iraq.

fish motif baju kebaya

something boroque

Finale - she looks very cool with this blue gown made with full of net!

I saw her being interviewed before the show, apparently she is indonesian

The garments are design by the students from LKW, accessories and shoes from NOSE and makeup by Luxasia.

Prizes for the graduates

The fashion Retail Program offers extensive variety of fashion courses where students can decide to branch out into different sector of the fashion industry including textile, clothing, costume, embroidery fashion accessories, fashion jewelry design, fashion media writing, photography, visual merchandising and creative business.

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