When you bite a Loli, It's A Cake

Cupcakes , sugar coated. More sugar? I think I have a sugar craving at this hour. This is so weird of me. And, I'm thinking about something cuter than cupcakes which is CakePops. Yums. Now I wonder where can i get my hands on them in any Malaysian Bakery. Sorry readers, you are going to get drown with super yumilicious pictures ! *evil laugh*

Best Vday gift eva!
Cupcake on stick
Sesame Street
Sweet Valentine
I love this one! Let me Caption this "A: Oh No, I can't feel my left arms B: Told you to be careful not to get eaten A: I can't move with a stick!"

I think it's a very good finger food for events. Don't you think so?


  1. It's quite easy to make actually, but it's time consuming and the ingredients are kinda expensive. My friend made one for me during my birthday last year, she can even make a rainbow cakepop! :D

    1. wowwww, so nice! I'm not good at baking. *shy*. Rainbow cakepop sounds like nyan cake pops :P

  2. owh maii!! it looks so delicious! =P